At Katral, we are dedicated to providing high performance, proven solutions to the retail industry. This ongoing commitment is based upon our values. Our planning and execution is based on our "System Implementation Methodology" (see Methodology and Project Management).

Measuring Success
All initiatives are clearly defined with measurable objectives that go beyond project metrics to include business goals, operating improvements and usability.

Client Retention of Knowledge and Expertise
Our efforts to ensure a seamless transition from planning to implementation to operations, include documentation, joint planning, training, transition planning and post implementation support.

Partnership and Katral's Role
Katral is the willing and dedicated partner in the partnership and is focused on exceeding engagement expectations. We view our participation as facilitators of change and mentors of supply chain management. A Katral principal manages each client engagement.

Proven Solutions
Katral's assurance of successfully delivering solutions incorporates

  • Industry standards
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Unbiased Advice for Selecting Technology
  • Breadth and Depth of Knowledge of Retail Supply Chain Systems